Privacy & Credit Reporting Notice & Consent

Meaning of words in this document

Our contact details

You can contact us as follows:

Taurus Motor Finance
Address: PO Box 526, North Sydney NSW 2059

Your acknowledgements and consents

By providing and submitting your consent you acknowledge and agree to the statements in this document.

Why we collect personal information

We may collect personal information about you for the following purposes:

Collection required by law

Collection of some personal information about you may also be required or authorised by or under an Australian law. These laws include:

If you do not provide personal information

The main consequences for you if all or some of the personal information is not collected by us are that we may not be able to provide services to you, or be able to provide them to the same standard. In the case of a credit application, we may not be able to make a decision whether to provide credit to you if you do not give us the information we request.

Collecting information about you from someone else

We may collect personal information about you from someone else, such as from a credit reporting body or another credit provider when we are assessing your credit application or collecting a debt you owe.

Disclosure of personal information

We usually disclose personal information of the kind collected by us to:

You agree that we may disclose personal information about you to these persons for the purposes for which we collect it where permitted by law, including the Privacy Act. You acknowledge that we may provide your personal information to these persons when required by law.

Repayment history & financial hardship information

We are also permitted to collect, use, disclose, and retain credit information. We may disclose your credit information to credit reporting bodies, which could appear on your credit report and impact any future applications for credit made by you.

Credit information includes information like your repayment history (such as whether you have been able to meet your repayments on time) and where relevant your payment obligations under an overdue payment arrangement or financial hardship arrangement.

If an overdue payment or financial hardship arrangement is implemented, we will take reasonable steps to provide you with information that describes what information about the arrangement will be disclosed to credit reporting bodies (as required by the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code).

Our practices with respect to repayment history information and financial hardship information will reflect any obligations that we have under the Privacy Act and Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code.

Credit reporting bodies

The credit reporting bodies that we are likely to disclose your personal information (including credit information) to are:

Phone: 13 83 32
Mail: Equifax Australia Information Services and Solutions Pty Limited, PO Box 964, North Sydney NSW 2059

Phone: 13 23 33
Mail: illion Australia Pty Ltd, PO Box 7405 St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

Phone: 1300 784 134
Mail: Experian Australia Credit Services Pty Ltd, PO Box 1969, North Sydney NSW 2060

Disclosure to us for commercial credit and guarantees

We may disclose credit eligibility information about you if we have provided credit to you or you have applied to us for credit, and the disclosure is to a person with an Australian link for the purpose of that person considering whether to offer to act as a guarantor or to offer property as security for the credit. We may also disclose this information to a person with an Australian link who is a guarantor in relation to credit provided by us to you, or who has provided property as security for such credit.

Personal information you give us about another person

If there is another person named in an application for credit, you may need to provide their personal information to us. You warrant that the other person has consented to the collection of their personal information by us for the reasons it is being collected.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy has information about how you may access personal information about you that we hold and seek the correction of such information, and how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles or any registered privacy code that may bind us. Our privacy policy also explains how we will deal with such a complaint. You can get a copy of our privacy policy online at You can request us to provide you with a copy of the policy in an alternative form such as a hard copy.

Credit reporting policy

Our credit reporting policy includes information about credit reporting, including:

You can get a copy of our credit reporting information policy online at You can request us to provide you with a copy of the policy in an alternative form such as a hard copy.

Date published: 5 July 2022