Car loans.
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Real-time car loans at competitive, fixed interest rates.

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How it works

We have lower rates as our platform makes it cheaper for us to originate car loans.

We evaluate your application in real-time whilst you are with your Business Manager. We use a range of technologies to simplify your application and have a team in North Sydney to back that up with personalised service, should that be needed.

Our process, we're digital

Less work, low cost.

We use leading, proven technology to automate the decisions to evaluate you for your car loan and provide a loan approval.

01. Your Personalised Repayment

We provide your personalised repayment options based on your Equifax credit score and a couple of questions to understand your circumstances. There is no enquiry recorded on your credit file.

02. The Vehicle

The Business Manager will collect details about the vehicle you are purchasing including any manufacturer fitted options and accessories.

03. Your Finance Terms

The Business Manager will ask some questions to allow you to structure the car loan to meet your requirements including how often repayments will be made, the term of the loan and if you would like a balloon.

04. Your Details

The Business Manager will ask questions about you and any other borrowers that are supporting the loan.

05. Your Financials

The Business Manager will ask you about your income and expenses. Our platform then validates your income and expenses using the same technology utilised by many leading financiers. We can also validate them using our North Sydney team but we will need to request paperwork from you.

06. Decision Time

The Business Manager will get a decision in a couple of minutes. If it's a 'yes', you will be able to sign the loan contract in the dealership immediately. The key loan terms will be sent to you by SMS and the loan contract is emailed to you. Or if we couldn't check something important online, we will let the Business Manager know.

Loan details

Personalised pricing
Highly competitive rates based on your credit score

Fixed interest rate car loan.
Structure your deposit, final balloon payment and term.

The main thing you need is a credit bureau score above 600
Get your score here (it's free!)

12 to 84 months

Loan amount
$5,000 to $150,000